About Tracy


Tracy Cerza is the author of A Year of Color: A Seasons & Holidays Coloring Book, Life In Color: A Photographic Coloring Book, Body & Soul: 10 Minute Coloring Pages That Help Heal Your Body, Your Health & Your Life. She is currently working on Peace Love Color, her fourth book.

From grade school through high school, Tracy loved drawing and painting. At the age of 8 she won a coloring contest which gave her a boost of confidence in her talent. In high school art was her favorite subject in which she excelled.

She’s is a digital media market and self-taught graphic designer catering to small and medium sized business. Only recently has she decided to use her free hand drawing skills to create coloring books for adults and older children.

She lives in Mississauga, Ontario with her daughter. She loves art, traveling, gardening and learning new things.