Cover Design Coloring Contest

8075de3d1b485c6335a576baa1ae7e93xThink you’re a pretty bad ass colorer? Want to have your work featured on the cover of a book? Then this is the contest for you. My name is Tracy Cerza. I’m working on my second coloring book. My first one can be seen here. This second book is a greyscale book full of beautiful photographs that I’ve turned into black and white coloring pages. This is one of the latest trends in coloring and these images are unique amongst all the typical black and white line drawn images.

I am looking for a partially colored image and it might just be your work that graces the cover.

Here’s how this will work…

REQUIREMENTS: A decent inkjet or laserjet printer and IF YOU WIN … a scanner. If you don’t have these but want to participate, please find someone who has these tools that you can borrow.

Enter your name, email address and phone number below, along with your 1st and 2nd choice for pages to color.

Once I receive this I will send you the high-resolution PDF for you to print and color. Because this is a greyscale book, I’ll also send you a copy of the original photograph that you can use for inspiration if you choose. You can use any form of medium to color the image…. pencil crayons, markers, etc.

VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE ONLY COLOR 40-60% OF THE IMAGE and you must color one-half (top or bottom, left of right, or start at center), not a little here and a little there.If the entire image is colored, it will be disqualified.

SUBMISSION: Take a photo of your finished work and email it to me (tracy AT aspiringrebel DOT COM). All entries must be received by Sunday, January 17th at midnight Eastern time.

WINNERS: One 1st Place winner will be chosen out of all submissions received. The winning selection will be featured as the front cover of my upcoming book! You will receive a FREE copy of the book when it is published. ALSO, you will have full bragging rights and even a credit for the cover on an inside page of the book. (You may opt out of this if you like).

I may also choose (at my discretion) 2 or 3 “Runner Ups” that will be featured on the back cover of the book. If chosen as a runner up, you will also receive a FREE copy of the book when it is published!

Everyone who enters this contest with a submission before the deadline is a winner! All legal participants will receive a 20% discount code to purchase my book when it is published as a thank you for participating!

LEGAL: By entering this contest you agree to the following: There will be no financial compensation for any submission or for winning the contest. You surrender any rights to your coloring submission upon our receipt. If your coloring submission is chosen as the front or back cover of the book, you relinquish any monetary rights to your submission.

Good Luck! I am really looking forward to seeing your finished work!

Tracy / Aspiring Rebel



City with Bridge

arno-river-1066307-bw arno-river-1066307


baby-933097-bw baby-933097

Young Girl

beautiful-1039725-bw beautiful-1039725



flamingo-676954-bw flamingo-676954



giraffe-901009-bw giraffe-901009


Blue Heron

heron-684694-bw heron-684694

Russian Building

nice-1046188-bw nice-1046188

Woman in Car

vintage-1950s-887272-bw vintage-1950s-887272


Enter your details below to receive the coloring pages. You must confirm your email address in order for me to know you’re entering. Please allow 6-10 hours for me to send them in case I’m not at my computer.

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