These journals are 7" x 10" and include 200 blanked lined pages. Some also include a variety of random quotes and black and white images throughout.

Kick Ass Ideas: a journal for kicking butt

A 200 page journal for all your Kick Ass Ideas! If you're like me you have about 50 new ideas every single day that you think would be a good product, a new business or just help your life in some way. Some call this monkey mind! This journal is meant to be a place for you to dump all your ideas into. This way you're brain can shut down once in a while knowing that you're ideas are all kept some where nice and safe in a journal with a pair of asses on the cover. 🙂 Dumping all your crazy ideas onto paper is a great thing, but the most important thing is that you take action on some of them. Not on what kind of ideas you have. 😉 Enjoy the journal! I hope you secretly message me with some of the ideas you wrote in here!

Peace Love Vegan: a journal of compassion

Peace Love Vegan: A Journal Of Compassion. Wether you're just starting to think about becoming vegan OR you've been one for years, you can use this journal to keep track of the journey. Some suggestions for the use of this journal are to record your feelings about veganism, why you decided to change to this lifestyle, great recipes you've discovered, vegan brands you want to try, notes on books you've read or documentaries and videos you've seen or just what you eat and things you do that makes you feel good about being vegan. Feel free to doodle or write in this book. It's really up to you. It's your journey.